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19.01.2016 - Tuesday
Type Genre Name Action
Single Electronic, Reggae Obie_p - Gimme Dat (feat. Obie_p & Dahrio Wonder)
Single Dance Monodome - Deepdive
Single Dance Najwars - Troubleshooting
Album Electronic Various Artists - Moods of Asia (Oriental Chill-Out Sounds), Vol. 2
Album Dance Various Artists - Friendly Selection, Vol. 4
Album Pop, Rock Phil Looney - Phil Looney
Album Minimal Famc Xentizca - Addiction Techno - Single
Album Minimal Dimor - Ground System - Single
Single Minimal Ponny2, Berserkhouse - It Was Always You Helen - Single
Album Minimal Daniel Convers - Street Gang - Single
Album Minimal Zir Rool - Insane - Single
Album Minimal Newball, Macho Iberico - Berraco - Single
Album Alternative, Rock Ryan Sauders - Giving Up the Ghost
Single Pop Sidnie Tipton - Paper Goin'
Single Minimal Yuen Perez, Kosmo Weston - The System - Single
Single Dance Spiced Boogie - To the Top
Single Dubstep K Theory - The Tower Enzymes Remix - Single
Single Pop I Fly Rockets - Live Again - Single
Single Dance Sakin Bozkurt - Arp Mode
Single Reggae Chapman - Unleash the Doberman
Album Dance NOSTRUM - Nostrum - The Global Hits (Remastered), Pt. 2
Single Dance Omega Drive - King of Techno
Single Dance Alquimhista - Beautiful Sun
Single Reggae Chapman - Zoe Girl
Single Techno AmpDecay - Just Might EP
Album Dance Various Artists - Deep Emotion (20 Deep Underground Tunes), Vol. 5
Single House Akiruz - Hard
Single Pop Fallulah - Perfect Tense
Single Alternative Martha Ffion - Wallflower
Single Pop Dana Winner - Wervelwind
Album House Various Artists - Collateral House, Vol. 1
Album Techno Eric & Phil Kanzler - Engine
Single Deep House SLP - Let Me Tell You
Album Electronica Ok-ram - One Day
Album Electronica Various Artists - EDM Sensation
Single Minimal Reezak & Instinct. - Satyr
Album House Various Artists - Tech House Reinvention, Vol. 1
18.01.2016 - Monday
Type Genre Name Action
Album Folk, Rock Trevor Borden - From the Mountain
Album Pop, Rock Arenae - Sigo Aqui
Single Beats & Breaks The Reminders - If You Didn't Know - Single
Single Electronic Hunger - Close to You
Album Electronic Idenline - Featuring Artist : Idenline
Album House Peter Brown - Saturday Love
Single Dance, Drum & Bass, Electronic, Electronica Soul Intent - Late Night Sleaze EP
Single Dance Russ Wood - Careful What You Wish For
Single Deep House, Electronic The Soul Architect - City Lights
Single Deep House, Electronic Joakuim - Deep Talks EP
Single Alternative Man & The Echo - Vile As You Want
Single Dance, Minimal Cesar Galindo - Lost In Deep EP
Single Dance, Techno Loui Fernandez - Rural
Single Electronic Monista - Put It On
Single Dance HAEZER & Born I Music - You Feel Me
Album Alternative The Collectable Few - Retrospective
Single Techno Michel Lauriola - Spatium
Album Dance Zen Dub - Distant Lands
Single Dubstep Myrne - Bones / Celestial
Single Deep House Killpixxie - Purple & Morrow
Single Deep House Ariel M - Love Story
Single Deep House Qugas - Equilibrium
Single Deep House Matias Valdmont - Memoirs

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