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Sherrell Mitchell, The Gospel Truth Choir - The Mass of New Vision


Tags: Gospel

Spotify: Release Website
Released: 19.01.2016
Added: 19.01.2016
Label: MondoTunes
Licensor: INgrooves
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Disc 1

Track Name Length Action
1 Lord Have Mercy 02:13
2 Gloria 03:14
3 Alleluia 01:38
4 Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ 01:54
5 Holy, Holy, Holy 01:14
6 We Proclaim Your Death Oh Lord 01:43
7 When We Eat This Bread 02:29
8 Save Us Savior of the World 01:00
9 Amen 01:36
10 The Lord's Prayer 02:59
11 Lamb of God 01:52