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Marina Florance - This, That and the Other


Tags: Folk

Spotify: Release Website
Released: 16.01.2016
Added: 16.01.2016
Label: Folkstock Records
Licensor: Ditto music
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Disc 1

Track Name Length Action
1 I Told You My Troubles 03:52
2 Little Black Cloud 03:55
3 The Wedding Day Waltz 02:42
4 A Better Song 03:39
5 Take A Little Time 04:31
6 When The Past Came a Callin 03:24
7 Carried Away 03:35
8 Bring Me That Sweet Thing Called Love 03:45
9 A Room of Your Own 03:24
10 I'll Remember You 03:26
11 The Wedding Day Waltz - Instrumental 02:41